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Jacob Barrens Brings the Voices of his life to you!

Dude, you got far enough to read my bio?! You either have a some time on your hands or you really care, so we have a lot in common!

I used to watch my parents boot leg recording of the original Star Wars just over and over and made sure every time C3P0 said something R2-D2 would have some foul mouthed answer to fire back at him. Little did I know I was ADRing R2 when I was 5. Since then every dog I've owned, every step I stub my toe on, every time the universe itself throws me a bone, they all get a voice. It's the most fun thing I ever get to do, especially when I get paid for it!

When I'm not anthropomorphizing evil toes-seeking pieces of concrete step, I'm a full-time professional voice actor who has lent my voice to every type of media you can think of.    Eipix Games, the voice for Maistoh Tech RC toys, the official radio voice of the Knoxville Zoo, Figaro's Pizza, Wayfair, Neato, and WEDU are just a few of my regular clients. I have voiced over 100+ characters for just the Radio Theater Project alone, and dozens for Eipix Games' video games.

Lets find out what the colors in your characters are together, and give them the perfect voice to bring them to life!



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