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Jacob Barrens Brings the Voices in his Head to you!

Dude, you got far enough to read my bio?! That's great! Most people don't get this far so I'll make it worth it to this is gonna be tough, gotta make a good first impression. Um...*fart* Damnit!

Ok 2nd time's the charm! I'm a full-time professional voice actor who has lent my voice to every type of media you can think of.  My voice can be heard from national and international commercials to live radio theater. From video games and cartoons to full motion comic books and storybooks. The John Wick VR Experience, Eipix Games, The Organ Quarter VR horror series, Intel's Ditch the Brick commercial series, The Story of Prince Xavier, and The Radio Theater Project are just a few examples of the wide range of media I have been apart of. I have voiced over 100+ characters for just the Radio Theater Project alone, and dozens for Eipix' multitude games, and am frequently cast in multiple roles for any project I'm apart of, due to my wide vocal range and creativity.

When I'm not behind a mic I loves to watch cartoons and play video games, where I frequently find inspiration for new voices. I enjoys the full contact sport of Dagorhir and has been participating in martial arts for over 8 years. Even at 5 years old, I would voice over R2D2 as I watched the Star Wars movies, frequently belittling his companion C3PO. Ever since then I've added more and more to my rainbow of characters and it grows every day. Let me bring my colorful cast to your project today!